T.H. Fitzgerald & Co.


T. H. Fitzgerald & Co. has managed growth stock equity accounts since 1982, beginning with a funding of $5 million from a Fortune 500 company. From that time forward, the Firm has provided clients with long-term performance results that have exceeded most growth-stock indices.


The Firm invests in medium and large capitalization stocks of seasoned, well-managed and financially sound companies, offering exceptional future earnings growth opportunities, where -- and this is critical -- management or large outside investors are significant common stock buyers or owners, or where the company itself is repurchasing its own shares on the open market.


The disciplines supporting this strategy are neither new nor unique. They are anchored in more than 50 years of academic research and real-time application. The strategy is analytical and highly disciplined, capitalizing on a proprietary screening process. The key to its long-term performance advantage for investors has been the melding of time-tested measurements of growth and value with the accepted practical concept of Informed Investment.


T.H. Fitzgerald & Co. is owner-managed. The Firm is free of potential conflicts of interests that can surface when an advisory firm is owned by a dominating financial services organization. Performance results, consequently, have not been compromised by client counter-productive investment interests.