The Firm

T.H. Fitzgerald & Co is a multi-capitalization asset manager. Founded in 1959, the Firm has managed equity portfolios since 1982, beginning with a funding of $5 million from a Fortune 500 company. Since then, the Firm has directed its resources exclusively to institutional investment management.


Dedicated to an overriding risk-averse philosophy, the Firm avoids “turn-around,” fad and glamour stocks masquerading as disciplines. It pursues a long-only equity investment strategy with a commitment to a clearly defined, disciplined management approach that emphasizes quality companies with solid management, predictive earnings and improving financial and operating characteristics.


The Firm also offers investors an often unappreciated advantage: it is owner-managed. It is not beholden to a parent organization for policy directions or often time-consuming committee decisions. It is completely free of conflicts-of-interests that are sometimes unavoidable when an advisory firm is owned by a broker, bank, actuary, insurance company or other financial services organization. Performance results, consequently, are not compromised by other, sometimes counter-productive, business interests. T.H. Fitzgerald & Co. maintains an internal research capability necessary to implement its strategy, independent of frequently disappointing Wall Street research resources, and also to safe guard its proprietary research disciplines.